Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Fun at Protiviti

This summer’s internship is coming to an end but it isn’t over yet! Our Interns and employees are still having plenty of fun!

Chicago Interns and Staff enjoy an architecture boat tour of the Chicago River and Lake Michigan.

The San Francisco Team took a Segway Tour of the City

In Phoenix, Consultant Libby demonstrates how to pack for 2 weeks of travel in a carry on suitcase while the Interns show everyone how to "Dress for Success".

The LA Team made tacos, fruit salad, and brownies for the families staying at the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House. 


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Journey to St. Louis

Yesterday I had the opportunity to travel down to St. Louis for the first time. Wow. What a cool city! I was able to spend time with the St. Louis office and the 4 interns - Mathias, Fara, Anna, and Claire. We met shortly after 5pm to set out for the city. From there I received a unique tour of the restaurants around the Cardinals stadium as we struggled to find one that wasn't packed. This was actually exciting as it gave myself and the interns an opportunity to see areas around the park you wouldn't normally see. We eventually got a call back from one of the restaurants we initially stopped at, Joe Bucks. A table was now open for the 8 of us! Here is where I enjoyed a delicious smoked turkey sandwich on pretzel bread. Yeah... it was good. It was amazing to see the St. Louis culture and what a true baseball town this was. Coming from Minnesota and a huge Twins fan - I was blown away by the love St. Louis had for it's Cardinals. Very very cool to see. Once we finished up dinner we made our way over to the stadium. Our "tour guides" Nick, Ashley, and Rob were fantastic hosts, and not only shuttled us everywhere, but provided a lot of fun knowledge on the city and the Cardinals. 

On this journey I had a few goals: 1. To meet more people in the St. Louis office. (The ones I am emailing all the time!) Check! 2. To see the St. Louis Interns since I miss them so much from our time in Chicago and Orlando together. Check! And 3... I had to see THE ARCH while in St. Louis. When I think of St. Louis I think - Cardinals, and THE ARCH!! CHECK!!
This shot was actually taken inside of the stadium as we made our decent up to our seats. Yes I was excited I could finally check this cool sighting off my list.
 Once we got in we were able to settle down and enjoy the view. Here is the view from our seats. Not too shabby!
This was the crew during the game. Pictured (left to right): Mathias Gesser, Fara Heumann, Nick Lang, Ashley Silvey, Rob Woltering, Anna Gosen, and Claire Kelly. Not pictured: Joe St. Jacque (yes I was taking the picture.)

In all we had a fantastic time. It was great to meet Nick, Rob, and Ashley while seeing my St. Louis Friends again before their internship ends. It was an amazing opporutnity to spend time out of the office and getting to know everyone better.

Until next time St. Louis!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Intern Wins International Protiviti World Cup Challenge

This summer Protiviti joined in the spirit of friendly international competition by hosting its first Protiviti World Cup Challenge. Over 1,000 employees from member firms around the globe cheered for their favorite national team to win the 2014 World Cup.
Those who picked the correct winning teams in the group stage won official FIFA jerseys from their favorite team. Group stage winners included employees from our Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Orlando and Kuwait offices.
After four weeks of exciting matches, Germany came out on top and so did these Protiviti employees:
3rd place TIE!
Jeff  – Chicago, Senior Manager
Matt  – Cincinnati, Senior Consultant
Winners of:  $100 gift card
2nd place -  Pradeep – Metro DC, Manager
Winner of: a $200 gift card and $500 donation to charity of choice
Our top prize went to Philadelphia Intern, Liz who won an iPad, office happy hour and $1000 donation to charity of her choice!
So how does it feel to be a World Cup winner? Jeff, the new resident expert on all things soccer in Chicago says, “It’s completely indescribable. It's an unbelievable feeling. A dream became a reality, the dream came true. It is absolutely sensational!”
And what about favorite moments from the 2014 World Cup? For 3rd place winner Matt had trouble deciding from all the exciting moments. He explains, “There’s too many to choose from: the U.S. making it through the Group of Death, Germany 7-Brazil 1, Julian Green’s first World Cup touch/goal, Ochoa and Howard goalkeeping performances, Rooney actually scoring in a World Cup… Best World Cup I’ve seen.”
From over 1,000 entries, there could only be one winner. Our champion, Philadelphia intern Liz reflected on her victory, “I can honestly say, I never thought I would win! I was able to celebrate with some friends and also bought myself a Germany jersey.” So, what was the strategy? Well, Liz offered a glimpse in to the mind of a champion bracket-chooser; she simply chose the team that was doing best up to that point. As an avid fan of the MLS, the British Premier League, and as a former soccer player herself, Liz is no stranger to soccer which certainly helped her in this scenario! Our champion's favorite moments? Van Persie’s diving header against Spain and Clint Dempsey’s opening goal seconds in to the game versus Ghana.
As the 1st place winner, Liz has the opportunity to donate $1,000 to a charity of choice. Liz plans to donate to “Project for Nuclear Awareness.”
Thanks to everyone who participated and congrats to all of our challenge winners!
Kiristen & Cait

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Protiviti Helps Rebuild a Staten Island House

On July 12th, an early Saturday morning, a few Protiviti Employees helped out Yellow Boots, a non-profit organization, rebuild a home destroyed by hurricane Sandy in Staten Island. YellowBoots Rebuilding Program reconstructs homes for senior citizens, people with disabilities, and families with children who cannot afford to have their homes rebuilt by contractors. For clients who can afford supplies, YellowBoots Project provides supervised volunteer labor, while for clients who cannot afford the materials, YellowBoots secures donations of rebuild material and supplies, and provides the labor as well. A typical rebuild project takes approximately 6-12 weeks of volunteer labor, using approximately $30,000 worth of building supplies.

Volunteers play a vital role in the Rebuilding Program: every day, between 25 and 100 volunteers are out in the field, working on clients’ homes. Volunteers not only help in the rebuilding, but they also provide our homeowners with support and encouragement during the emotional rebuilding process. 

Farid Abdelkader, a Senior Manager in our New York office, was born in Brooklyn and moved to Bay Terrace, Staten Island when he was 3. Bay Terrace was not badly affected by the storm, and Farid didn’t believe the damage until he saw his grandmother’s house in Midland Beach, which had been swept away by the storm. It was after seeing her house that Farid realized how many others could use help, as they were in a similar scenario after the storm. Farid was driven to do something more, thanks to his passion for home rebuilding projects and his background with volunteering. He asked a couple of friends from Staten Island to help with his initiative to deliver disaster relief to locals and neighbors in need, and shortly after, YellowBoots was born. 

If you would like to help with YellowBoots, please reach out to Farid Abdelkader. Thank you!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Houston's #InternDayOfService

Last Friday, Protiviti interns participated in the U.S. Intern Day of Service.  A total of 38,587.5 hours were volunteered that day, and the Houston office's 31 participants contributed 46.5 hours.
The service event opened with a speech by Robert Darigo, an army veteran. Robert has served in locations all over the world and is currently one of our fellow Houston interns at Protiviti this summer. He provided insight into the many challenges associated with military life and made suggestions on what we could contribute during the U.S. Intern Day of Service to help boost morale. 

During the event, we put together care packages and wrote cards thanking the brave troops in our adopted battalion, the 82nd Airborne Division, Battalion: 127th Engineers, Bravo Company, for their service. It was an extremely rewarding experience to give back to the soldiers who serve our country and we hope they know how much their service is appreciated. 

*This blog post was written by Melody, a Technology Summer Intern at Protiviti. She will graduated in May 2015 from Baylor University with a degree in Management Information Systems.