Monday, September 29, 2014

Interview With A Talent Warrior

Elaine Poucher, Protiviti Recruiting Director

As we shared earlier this month, we are proud to call our recruiting director here at Protiviti (and my boss) a Glassdoor Talent Warrior.  Elaine is an influential leader within our organization and we are happy to see her recognized for the impact that she makes.

Glassdoor recognized Talent Warriors who weren’t afraid of taking risks, and that certainly describes Elaine. Elaine is a founding member of Protiviti and started her career in the Technology Risk Consulting side of the business. In 2005, she moved from the practice side of Protiviti into operations. “I was a bit worried my career would stall out,” she admits. “However, I have found that to be just the opposite. I have had amazing opportunities within recruiting and HR for career growth and development.”

Elaine is also extremely committed to her family – both her Protiviti family and her own. “If you ask my son what Mommy does for work, he says, ‘She talks on the phone.’ That’s pretty accurate.” Elaine communicates daily with her team of recruiters across the country, with top candidates, and with individuals in our practice with whom she partners. When asked what she enjoys most about her role, Elaine responds: “My team and the opportunity we have to make a direct impact on the bottom line.” She cites her proudest moments as ones when members of her recruiting team progress to management positions in the organization.

When she is not “talking on the phone”, Elaine is busy raising her two children, Nolan (3) and Ansley (7 months). She and her husband Dale work hard to balance their professional careers with their roles as parents. “I do have some crazy days from time to time and I have to ask for help,” says Elaine, “but Protiviti has been extremely supportive in helping me to manage both.” She looks to her mentor and Executive Vice President of HR, Scott Redfearn, for guidance as a working parent. “Scott is an amazing example of how you can have a successful career and still spend quality time with your family,” Elaine says. “He is supportive and empowering.”

We asked our Talent Warrior what advice she has for new consultants entering the workforce, and here’s what she had to say:

Say yes. Say yes to every new project opportunity. Accept every lunch invitation. Attend as many social and community service events as you can. Attend every professional development opportunity you possibly can. Ensure that you are taking advantage of every opportunity provided to you as you start and grow your career.”

Thanks for the powerful insights, Elaine, and congratulations again on your award!

-- Bridget

Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to Succeed In Employer Interactions Without Really Trying

As a student, you’ve spent hours perfecting your resume and practicing your elevator speech.   Our newest consultants were in your shoes just one year ago – so to help you nail the details, we asked a trio of recent hires for their advice.

-- Camille, San Francisco, UC-Berkeley alum

Invest your time and energy into learning more about the companies you are interested in, as well as the people who make up those companies. Whether you spend time reading up on the company, their industry, and their clients; participating in networking events/interviews; or simply reaching out to recruiters or professionals for more information about their experiences with the company, you’ll be glad you did. By doing these things, you’ll be getting a better idea of what to expect if and when you go to work for a particular firm, hopefully minimizing any surprises.  Additionally, you will spend a great deal of time at work, with your co-workers – it’s a worthwhile investment of time to get to know a few of them and see if you could picture yourself as part of the team, before you sign on.
-- Michael, Los Angeles, UC-Irvine alum

Find a company where you can see yourself sharing interests with coworkers outside of the office. Protiviti has provided me with a network of individuals who are driven, accomplished, and well-rounded. When you enjoy the people you work with, you will enjoy going to work!
-- Ally, San Francisco, Cal Poly alum

We hope that you find this helpful – for more inspiration, visit Protiviti Careers.  In the meantime, best of luck!

-- Kiristen

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Partnering With St. John's Internal Audit Organization and Ascend

Philip, Melissa, and Sajed at the event

As part of our campus recruiting effort, Protiviti strives to build relationships with student organizations at top schools across the U.S.  Last Friday, we were thrilled to partner with the Internal Audit Organization and local Ascend chapter at St. John's University in New York.  Our consultants provided an overview of Protiviti to the students who attended and also led a discussion around the differences between internal audit and external audit.

During a thorough Q&A session, our team reinforced the value of the students' college experience as they transition into a work environment.  As Melissa, one of our presenters, describes, "We wanted to be informative about the various types of jobs the students could be exposed to at Protiviti (especially what differs from external audit) as well as what we have to offer."  Thank you to everyone who participated -- we had a fantastic time!

-- Katelyn

Friday, September 19, 2014

Protiviti Receives Award for "Intern Day of Service"

Yesterday evening, Protiviti had the honor of attending Consulting magazine’s 1st Annual “Excellence in Social and Community Investment Awards Ceremony” to receive an award for our Inaugural U.S. Intern Day of Service, which occurred on July 11, 2014.  I had the privilege to be able to attend this event on behalf of the Campus Recruiting Team, and it was very inspiring to hear all the amazing work that companies within our industry are doing with not-for-profit organizations. 

There to accept the award was our CEO, Joe Tarantino, who spoke about our dedication as a firm to social responsibility. You may not know, but the name Protiviti was formed by combining some of the core values that are most important to the Protiviti family: professionalism, productivity, proactivity, objectivity, creativity, integrity, quality, and last but certainly not least responsibility! Joe elaborated on our commitment to social responsibility and our continual efforts as firm to get involved further with our communities.

Joe Tarantino, CEO, accepting the award 
from Consulting magazine.

We are very proud to have received this award and would like to thank all our employees, Summer 2014 Interns, and many of our clients for participating in our U.S. Intern Day of Service. As part of this effort, Protiviti offices spent a day giving back to their communities. The outcome was truly amazing and the experience was simply incredible. Across 26 offices, we had 490 employees involved in increments throughout the day, providing up to a total of 1,308 hours!  We have previously highlighted these projects independently on our blog, but wanted to provide you with a consolidated list of the multiple projects our offices assisted with on July 11, 2014.

·         Atlanta – Books for Africa
·         Boston – Cradles to Crayons
·         Charlotte – Freedom School Jubilee
·         Chicago – Umoja
·         Cincinnati & Indianapolis – Gleaner’s Food Shelter
·         Cleveland – Ronald McDonald House
·         Dallas – ADVANCE Dallas
·         DC Metro – Ronald McDonald House
·         Denver – Denver Parks & Recreation
·         Ft. Lauderdale – American Lung Association Beach Clean Up
·         Houston – 82nd Airborne Division
·         Kansas City – Ozanam
·         Los Angeles – Beach Clean Up
·         Minneapolis – Loaves & Fishes
·         New York – Meals on Wheels
·         Orlando – Second Harvest Food Bank
·         Philadelphia – Philabundance
·         Phoenix – Feed My Starving Children
·         Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh Park Clean Up
·         Richmond – James River Park System
·         Salt Lake City – The Good Samaritan Project
·         San Francisco/Bay Area – Project Open Hand
·         Seattle – Community Lunch
·         St. Louis – Making Blankets for Cancer Patients
·         Tampa – Ronald McDonald House

Again, we’d like to thank everyone at Protiviti for your help in making the 1st Annual U.S. Intern Day of Service a success and we look forward to continuing to make an impact in 2015!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Announcing Elaine Poucher - 2014 Glassdoor Talent Warrior

Here at Protiviti we are pleased to congratulate our Director of Recruiting, Elaine Poucher, for being recognized by Glassdoor as a Talent Warrior for 2014More than 500 nominees were considered in the competition, which kicked off in early June.  Winners of the award displayed proven recruiting success using strategic and forward-thinking hiring and employment branding techniques.

“Today, hiring is more complicated than ever before. Cutting edge technology and employer branding efforts are critical for recruiting top talent,” said Steve Burton, VP of marketing at Glassdoor. “The Glassdoor Talent Warrior Awards honor the individuals who truly take risks and push the limits to operate on the front lines of the recruitment landscape.”

Elaine is responsible for overseeing both campus and experienced recruiting at Protiviti.  She also leads our Magnet for Talent strategic initiative that is a part of the Best People and Culture cornerstone.  Elaine focuses heavily on building strategic growth through hiring and on boarding talented new interns, consultants and experienced hires for the practice.  

Prior to transitioning into recruiting in 2005, Elaine was a Senior Manager in our Technology Consulting practice.  Elaine is a founding member of Protiviti who joined in May of 2002.  Elaine graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Analysis (Management Information Systems). Elaine currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two adorable children, but is a Texan at heart.

We are very proud of you Elaine and are excited you were recognized for being the Talent Warrior, we have always know you are!
Casey Jo