Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Q&A With an Emerging Leader

At Protiviti we are proud to see our people recognized for the great things they achieve.  One such recent accolade was given to Leslie Bordelon, a Senior Manager in our Houston office.  Leslie was celebrated as an emerging leader by Ia Magazine, the official magazine of The Institute of Internal Auditors.  You can read the full article by clicking here.

We have known Leslie to be a star ever since she interned with Protiviti and returned as a full-time consultant after graduation.  Leslie is a great example of what all of our students can achieve!  I asked her to share some thoughts on her journey from student to professional and the value that she gets now from working with recent graduates.

Q:  As a proud graduate of Louisiana State University, how did your academic background prepare you for your career in consulting? 

A:  The LSU CIA program instilled a sense of professionalism and work ethic that I might not have otherwise learned so early on.  The program teaches valuable life lessons (the importance of punctuality, appropriate dress in the workplace, determination, perseverance, teamwork, etc.) as well as critical application skills related to internal audit.  I had great teachers and mentors at LSU that always pushed me to succeed and try harder, which has led me to where I am today.

Q:  As an emerging leader, how do you mentor new hires on your projects, and how do you continue to learn from them? 

A:  Early on in my career, building relationships with those around me was very important.  I had great leaders who took the time to mentor me and teach me in various ways.  I was very deliberate to make note of certain practices that my managers and leaders put into place that helped me to feel appreciated and motivated – and also those things that I wish they had done differently.  I tried to make sure that I adopted the skills that I admired in the leaders that came before me, and tried not to repeat the behaviors or managing styles that I didn’t like as much.

I also make sure that teaching is a big part of everything that we do at client sites.  I see one of my primary responsibilities as teaching those that work with me why and how we do something, not just assigning tasks.  It may take additional time to do this, but it shows new hires that we care about career development, and it also helps us in the long run when they can then make informed decisions later on.  All of the new hires that join my projects are given an extensive training on the client and industry in their first week.  We then make sure that we explain each task we give to them in great detail before assigning them out.  It is very exciting for me to see someone whom I have taught pass the knowledge on to another new hire down the road.  It shows that they not only truly understood the information, but valued the learning experience enough to take the time to pass it along to others. 

Q:  What advice do you have for students who are just starting their internships or full-time careers and looking to follow a similar career path? 

A:  Over the years I have given and received great advice on this topic:

  • Be very deliberate and intentional with your career. 
  • Try your hardest to surround yourself with people who care about you as a person, not just your work product. 
  • Learn as much as you can – but don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know.” 
  • Never take credit for something that isn’t your work. 
  • Always be a team player, have integrity, and treat others with respect – no matter who they are. 
  • Don’t be a complainer! 
  • Find ways to make yourself stand out. 
  • Be known as someone who will go the extra mile. 
  • Learn to balance efficiency and effectiveness in terms of your work product, and know that many times “perception is reality.”
  • Never send an email when you are upset!
  • Be someone you would want to sit next to and work with for 8 hours a day.

Congratulations to Leslie and all the emerging leaders who work so hard and contribute so much!


Friday, March 21, 2014

Who's Got School Spirit?!

March Madness is upon us, and the Chicago office is celebrating the season in a big way!  Protiviti Chicagoans were invited to show their school spirit don their favorite school’s apparel to the office during the first two days of the tournament.  Everyone gathered in the cafĂ© area of the office to watch the games on TV throughout the day, keeping up on how their bracket’s performance with a little bit of friendly competition provided by their fellow consultants. 

Outside of enjoying the games in the office, Protiviti offered its employees a variety of ways to get involved in the fun of March Madness including bracket competitions to compete against some of the Managing Directors , another entirely dedicated to raising money for charity, and a happy hour in the office complete with drinks and snacks for all fans!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Little "Piece" Of Home...

Happy Fat Tuesday Everyone!

In the Protiviti Houston office today, we celebrated Madi Gras in style with our very own king cake.

Left to Right:  Manager Joe, Consultant Matt, Associate Director Ashley, Coordinator Leslie, Consultant Bobby, Coordinator Kate, Manager Matt and Senior Manager Caleb

For those of you who do not know the meaning of the French saying "laissez les bons temp rouler" ("Let The Good Times Roll"), you might not know the significance behind the famous king cake. Traditionally, a plastic baby is placed inside the king cake and the guest who receives the slice containing the trinket is named king or queen of the party, but is required to supply the next king cake or host the next party, or both!

By the time this blog has hit the press, the kind or queen has yet to be crowned.  One of the best parts about working at Protiviti is learning about various traditions and cultures not only internationally, but across the United States.  The Houston office has many Louisiana natives, who do not let us forget their roots and heritage on important days to them.  According to Associate Director, Ashley, "Mardi gras, to me, isn't complete without fried chicken and a king cake."

Sounds like my kind of holiday celebration, food and fun!
-Casey Jo

Monday, February 24, 2014

The San Francisco Team Shows Committment to Our Communities at the Presidio of San Francisco

Community service volunteers from the San Francisco office enjoyed a sunny fog-free Sunday in the Presidio of San Francisco. Volunteers participated in the Golden Gate National Parks habitat restoration by removing invasive species and re-vegetating with native plants.

Recruiter Kiristen & Manager Ken are ready!

Experienced Consultant Paul & Manager Ken, attacking invasive plant species!

Consultant Lauren preparing the soil for new plants.

Consultant Julia is in on it too!

Consultant Garrett watered the new plants.

The team after 3 hours of gardening!

After spending an active morning, the team enjoyed lunch near Ocean Beach at a local beachside favorite, Beach Chalet.

Fish & Chips & Dungeness Crab Melts!

Protiviti and other community volunteers planted over 250 plants in 3 hours - definitely showing "Commitment to Our Communities!"


Friday, February 21, 2014

Perspectives of a Campus Recruiter

Protiviti Campus Recruiters have the unique opportunity to visit many of the country's most beautiful and respected college campuses all across the nation.  All sorts of fun photo opportunities result from the busy weeks full of travel!  Below are just a few views of the recruiting team's tour of the U.S!

 UT-Austin's football stadium invited recruiters to network with MPA students with this VIP view in the background.

 The snowy streets of Binghamton didn't stop Protiviti from recruiting top talent on campus!

Hard at work in the Houston office!

 Sunset just outside of Indiana University during the polar vortex.

 The popular "Touchdown Jesus" and Chicago Campus Recruiter, Kristen, amidst a snowy winter day on Notre Dame's Campus.